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In the heart of the 11th Arrondissement (district) of Paris, we welcome you to stay, enjoy and make yourself at home in a lovely short term rental apartment

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To book ”Our Lovely Paris Apartment”:

*   Please, start with checking the apartment's availability by clicking here.
*   Then e-mail us your request. Please, include your exact stay dates/nights and contact information, (see details to the right).
*   We will answer within 36 hours.

E-mail us to:
Call us in the evening, or on weekends at + 33 1 4348 4913,
If you call us from land-lines in certain countries in Europe and North-America, we will be happy to phone you back right away and save you the cost of the call. .

For your convenience, please, read the booking conditions before contacting us.


When requesting a reservation, please, include:
*  date and time of arrival at the apartment
*  date and time of leaving the apartment,
*  number of people staying,
*  your personal contact info (e-mail and/or land-line phone)


Click on the calendar below to check the apartment's availability

  Click here to check the apartment's availability

The Neighborhood